Portrait of a young lady reading a magazine in Georgetown, Washington DC by DC artist Edmond van der Bijl for the DCElfie art project.

Portrait of a young woman reading a magazine, Wisconsin Ave., Georgetown, Washington DC

Recent Portraits

Portrait of a man with cool red glasses in Friendship Heights, Washington DC by American portrait artist Edmond van der Bijl who is working on the DCELFIE project which will take various forms, including a book, canvases, and perhaps even fashion accessories.
Dcelfie portrait
Portrait of a badass looking dude in GLover Park, Washington, DC. by portrait artist and fashion designer Edmond van der Bijl for his DCELFIE book art project
Portrait of an old timer walking on 14th Street NW, Washington DC, near the U Street Corridor by artist and entrepreneur Edmond van der Bijl for his DCELFIE book, art, and fashion project.